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Transform the way you manage business cards with Business Card Scanner, designed to make lead capture and organization effortless. With Business Card Scanner, you can seamlessly convert business cards into actionable leads, ensuring that valuable contact information is never lost.

Kickstart your journey in 3 easy steps

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Configure integration

Create a board with at least 1 File column and at least 7 Text columns. Configure one of the 2 integration recipes that come with the app.

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Upload a business card

Use your smartphone or a camera to capture a clear image of a business card. Upload it to a board with the configured integration.

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Extract details

The business card details will be automatically extracted into your board


Easily integrate your account with any system, without writing code

AI-Powered Data Extraction

AI-Powered Data Extraction

Use AI to automatically extract details from a business card photo and populate your board fields with Name, Position, Phone, E-mail, Company, Website, and Address information. This process is quick and effortless

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Efficient Lead Management

Efficient Lead Management

By transforming business cards into organized and actionable leads, Business Card Scanner helps streamline your lead management process. Focus more on building relationships and less on data entry

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Real-Time Scanning

Real-Time Scanning

Upload a photo of a business card directly from your phone’s camera to the designated column in your board or through a form. The app will accurately extract and populate the contact details into the designated columns

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