AI Issue Breakdown Assistant for Jira

Seamlessly generate detailed user stories and comprehensive test cases from existing issues, reducing the manual effort and enhancing precision.

☞ Generate User Stories: Automatically break down complex tasks into manageable stories.
☞ Generate Test Cases: Craft effective testing strategies effortlessly.
☞ Issues Linking: Generated issues are automatically linked to the parent one for better traceability.
☞ Flexible AI Options: Choose between Cloud AI for better performance or Private AI for maximum data privacy.

Kickstart your journey in 3 easy steps

Install App

Download and install AI Issue Breakdown Assistant for Jira app from Atlassian Marketplace

Generate Issues

Click the new button Generate Issues available for each Jira issue. The AI model of choice will breakdown the issue and generate child user stories or test cases

Review and Submit

Review the generated issues, refine the summary and description. Once ready, submit.


Generate detailed user stories and test cases out of existing issues, using AI

User Story Breakdown

User Story Breakdown

Automatically decompose complex Epics or Issues into smaller, manageable tasks. This ensures clarity and granularity, enabling teams to tackle each aspect of the project efficiently and effectively

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Test Case Generation

Test Case Generation

Automatically create detailed and comprehensive test cases from existing issues and user stories. Streamline the testing process, ensuring thorough coverage and saving valuable time for your QA team.

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Cloud or Private AI

Bring your own Private AI

Integrate ANY Custom or Private AI models (LLaMA, Mistral, Falcon, Smaug, Cohere, Gemini, Vicuna, Bloom and others) with your Jira Data Center instance through Private AI mode. No data leaves Jira for maximum privacy.

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