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Ready to use integrations, apps and tools on top of standard collaboration platforms, that increase productivity for small and large businesses.

All solutions are tailored to natively integrate with the respective collaboration platform, according to best practises and modern frameworks.

All of our apps are highly available, secure and regularly backed up.

Security is deeply embedded in our mindset. Our solutions offer complete end-to-end encryption at REST and store any sensitive data encrypted.

All our solutions are supported. Simply reach out to a representative at support@deview-studios.com, our service desk or through our contact form on this website


Collaboration Platforms

We build solutions for the following collaboration platforms

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Issue AI Analytics for Jira

Increase your productivity by up to 31% by leveraging OpenAI ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude or Private AI insights directly from Jira. Our easy-to-use application equips Jira issues with AI-powered analytics and offers actionable insights to help solve, test, define, and improve them. Employ advanced analytics capabilities of a plethora of AI models such as: GPT-4o, GPT-3.5-Turbo, Claude 3 (Opus, Sonnet and Haiku), Azure OpenAI Service. You may also integrate ANY Custom or Private AI models with your Jira Data Center instance through Private AI mode.

AI Issue Breakdown Assistant for Jira

Seamlessly generate detailed user stories and comprehensive test cases from existing issues, reducing the manual effort and enhancing precision.

☞ Generate User Stories: Automatically break down complex tasks into manageable stories.
☞ Generate Test Cases: Craft effective testing strategies effortlessly.
☞ Issues Linking: Generated issues are automatically linked to the parent one for better traceability.
☞ Flexible AI Options: Choose between Cloud AI for better performance or Private AI for maximum data privacy.

Wordsmith AI for Confluence

Leverage OpenAI ChatGPT to generate text blocks directly in Confluence. Save the hassle of writing from scratch and leverage next-gen AI to do the work for you. This application will integrate your Confluence instance with the OpenAI GPT-4 model (also used by ChatGPT) for text generation with a single button click.

Universal Integration Toolkit for monday.com

Universal Integration Toolkit is a no code solution for monday.com designed to help you easily integrate your project management workflow with one or more system, by giving you full control over how you model the communication flow.

Business Card Scanner for monday.com

Transform the way you manage business cards with Business Card Scanner, designed to make lead capture and organization effortless. With Business Card Scanner, you can seamlessly convert business cards into actionable leads, ensuring that valuable contact information is never lost.

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